Sunday, September 7, 2014

How to set data usage limit in android phones and tablets

There are a lot of apps which runs in background and consumes data without our knowledge so setting up the data limit could save you money!

To do this Go to Settings --> Data usage

In order to set the data limit, the 'Mobile data' should be turned ON

Data usage screen

After turning ON the mobile data, the option 'Set mobile data limit' appears with a checkbox for selection. Choose your data cycle dates in the 'Data usage cycle' option.

There are two bars available in the Graph displayed below. 

1) Limit bar  --> The maximum data limit after which the data will not be connected(Can connect to data by turning off the Set mobile data limit option)
2) Warning bar --> Gives you a warning when the warning limit is crossed

Data cycles can be set using 'Data usage cycle' option

The data usage option also displays the amount of data the apps have consumed as shown in the below image.

Amount of data consumed by the apps


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