Saturday, September 20, 2014

Best Anti-Theft app to protect your Android phones - AndroidLost

There are tons of apps out there to protect your phone when it is lost or stolen. Some are free but provides limited service and some are paid apps and provides all the important features.

This app is the simplest and best among all anti-theft apps and the size of the app is just around 250KB!. It can do wonders if you want to lock or protect data when you have misplaced your phone or even when the phone is lost/stolen. The app is none other than AndroidLost. Get this app from HERE

Key features:

-> The phone can be controlled by just sending SMS. 
-> The phone can also be controlled by using its website
-> Uses your Google account as credentials(The same Google account of your play store)

      The below are the some important actions that can be performed by just using SMS

-> Lock phone
-> Unlock phone
-> Start/Stop Mobile Data
-> Start/Stop GPS
-> Start/Stop WiFi
-> Alarm
-> Pop up a message on the phone
-> Erase SD card
-> Wipe the phone
-> Locate the phone ans return an SMS
-> Make a call
-> Hang up the active call

All the available SMS commands can be found here

The other interesting features of this app are as follows:

-> Takes a picture in Front cam/Rear cam and sends back to your email or you can view the pics from website's Logs 
-> Sound recording
-> Notifies of SIM card change and sends you back the new number. You can use the new number to send SMS commands and take control of the phone
-> App Launcher (Premium)
-> Capture Screenshot(Premium)
-> Reboot Phone(Premium)
-> Shutdown Phone(Premium)
-> Rooted phones gets additional security which makes the AndroidLost app as a System App that can prevent un-installation of the app.


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