Saturday, October 3, 2015

Towelroot - The Easiest way to root your android phone

This is the easiest way ever to root your android phone. This rooting method is called Towelroot works for most android phones, and it uses just an apk to obtain root. Very simple, push one button, no need for other tools and workarounds. It does not touch KNOX or the BOOT LOADER so your warranty should be fine. 

1. Download the tr.apk
2. Turn off re-lock and app security.
3. Run the tr.apk, hit make it ra1n.
4. Install SU from Playstore, update it, reboot phone.
5. Check root. Your phone should be rooted now.

Get it from the official website, or from the XDA thread.

Note: Do it at your own risk.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Direct Download Links of Clean Windows 10 ISO x32 and x64 bits

Hey Folks,

We know that Microsoft has released Windows 10 operating system to public and Windows 7/8.1 users can free upgrade to Windows 10. But you can download them only through 'Media Creation Tool' which sometimes can give errors.

How would it be if you get a direct link of the Windows 10 ISO files?

Below are the direct links to download the the Clean Windows 10 ISO x32 and x64 bit files. 

Direct download Windows 10 ISO x32 and x64 bits

Let me know if anyone faces issues in downloading.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Flashify App - Install / Backup / Restore Custom Recoveries, Kernels

There are many ways to flash Custom recoveries as follows,

  > Odin
  > Install zip file from recovery
  > Flashing recovery image through apps like Flashify, GooManager, ROM Installer, etc

Steps to flash recovery using Flashify app. The easiest way.

1. Device should be rooted
2. Download Flashify app from Play Store
3. Open Flashify app and Grant root access
4. Select the 'Recovery image' option under 'Flash' tab

5. A pop up window shows the available recoveries TWRP, CWM and Philz. Select the desired option.

6. A pop up window loads all the versions of the selected recovery based on your phone's model.

TWRP recovery versions

CWM recovery versions

7. Select the latest version or the version you prefer. Downloading of the recovery starts.
8. Go ahead and start the installation once the download is completed
9. Reboot the device. Done!

Kernels and Recoveries can be backed up and restored very easily with just a click