Saturday, October 3, 2015

Towelroot - The Easiest way to root your android phone

This is the easiest way ever to root your android phone. This rooting method is called Towelroot works for most android phones, and it uses just an apk to obtain root. Very simple, push one button, no need for other tools and workarounds. It does not touch KNOX or the BOOT LOADER so your warranty should be fine. 

1. Download the tr.apk
2. Turn off re-lock and app security.
3. Run the tr.apk, hit make it ra1n.
4. Install SU from Playstore, update it, reboot phone.
5. Check root. Your phone should be rooted now.

Get it from the official website, or from the XDA thread.

Note: Do it at your own risk.


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