Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to solve "Insufficient Storage Available" issue while installing android apps

"Insufficient Storage Available" Error

This is sometimes a common problem in android phones while updating an existing app.
There is an easy way to resolve this problem and it works on most android phones. 
Please note that this works only on ROOTED android phones. This method won't work in phones without root access.

Below is an example with which the procedure is demonstrated.

The app which gives problem in this example is Clean Master. Whenever I update this app, it downloads the update but while installing it gives the error message "Insufficient storage available" or shows an error code as shown below.

Step 1: Download and install a File Browser which can access root files.
Step 2:  Go to /data/app-lib/ directory. There could be a lot of folders.
Step 3: Select the folder(s) related to the app which gives you problem. In this case, I have to search for the folder(s) containing the name Clean Master.
Step 4: There could be more than one folder displayed with the app name. In this case, there are two folders com.cleanmaster.mguard-1 and com.cleanmaster.mguard-2 as shown in the below picture. Delete these folders. (Take a backup of these folders for safer side. Later you can delete if not required).
Step 5: After deleting successfully, restart the phone. Now you can update your app.

Note: Be careful while accessing files in root. You may damage your phone if you don't know what you are doing.


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